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Grosvenor Live Casino Review

Grosvenor Live Casino Review

The Grosvenor Casino is a brand of casinos that I am familiar with from living in the UK.  They are based in most of the major UK cities, I am unsure how big their reach is globally but in the UK they are definitely one of the biggest land-based casinos around and are very professional.  Their land-based casinos are always immaculately presented and the staff are all pretty slick and professional.

So it was with interest that I realised they also have an online offering including a live casino facility.  As a customer at the real life Grosvenor Casinos I was also entitled to a better welcome offer than someone who just happens to find the casino online.  As a real life customer I was able to put in my membership card number and immediately got a £20 no deposit bonus put into my new account.

The normal offer is simply a 100% bonus offer, so if I wasn't a real life customer I would have had to put my hand in my pocket to try the online casino out.  Therefore if you have a Grosvenor casino nearby, I'd say why not pop in and join, it will take you 5 minutes, after which you can join online and get the £20 free.

So onto the live casino i went with my £20 free credit.  The first thing I realised is that they are using a very similar setup as 888 Live Casino.  The dealers are from Latvia and would appear to be the same company as 888 are using to provide dealers, albeit there are specific branded rooms for Grosvenor (around 4 rooms at present) as well as the same selection of 'general' dealer rooms that you can also access from 888.

The specific rooms that Grosvenor offer in their own branded rooms are as follows:

  • Grosvenor Blackjack £3 - £1000
  • Grosvenor Blackjack Gold £10 - £5000
  • Grosvenor Baccarat, £1 - £2500
  • Grosvenor Roulette £0.50 - £50,000

So I had a try on the Blackjack room, it was nice to be able to bet as low as £3 per bet, as at 888 Casino it is a minimum of £5 a bet which means you can burn through your £20 pretty quickly.  The dealers were again friendly, chatty and attractive, as would be expected from 'Evolution Latvia' which is the company behind these live dealer rooms.  The options available were plentiful with the full range of side bets that you can get in the real life Grosvenor Casinos.

An interesting USP for the Grosvenor rooms was that they have UK dealers working on the roulette table.  This isn't however some different location in the UK, these are UK dealers who have moved to work in Latvia, which I found pretty interesting.  As a travel enthusiast it was interesting to talk to these UK dealers about what life is like in Latvia from a UK person's perspective and I guess that is one of the things I love about live casinos, that you can have a chat with the dealers while you play the games!

After a short while I had burned through my £20, I had a little success at first and got up to about £50 but soon found myself on a losing streak on the Blackjack and never really recovered to the point where I had £2.50 in my account and lost it with a few cheeky 50p punts on the roulette.  So I was unable to repeat my spectacular success at 888 Live Casino where I made £2000 out of a free £20 no Deposit bonus, however I did enjoy the rooms and the feel of the place and would recommend it to anyone, in particular to UK land-based members who can give it a try for free with the £20 no deposit offer.

888 Live Casino Review

888 Live Casino review and Dealers

I joined 888 Casino using a free no deposit offer I found on the website and you receive £88 free in your account straight away.  This allows you to sample a number of the casino games there until you have bet through your £88 free play.  At this point you can take a maximum of £20 from your winnings and convert it to real money to play in the casino.

So with this £20 I went straight for the live dealer rooms and started to play some Blackjack games.  As an experienced Blackjack player I know I can usually do quite well at this, especially when using basic strategy alongside a good staking plan.

I found the dealers here to be THE BEST live dealers of any online casino.  The girls are the most attractive - genuine beauties from Latvia, some of them look like supermodels and they are also really chatty compared to some of the other online casinos I've played in.  The games are quick, the dealers deal cards fast, whereas when I tried Betfair casino for example, I found the whole game slow and the dealers robotic when I tried to chat.

So after a few months and a bit of luck I found myself in a position where I had actually made £2000 from this original £20 free bonus.  I tried to withdraw some and you have to at least deposit some genuine funds before you are allowed to withdraw anything.  So I put in £20 of my own money and entered my card details etc.  I was a little worried at this stage thinking maybe 888 wouldn't honour the £2000, but my worries were unfounded, in the next few weeks I gradually withdrew the £2000 and had no problems whatsoever getting the money into my bank account.

So basically I made £2000 from a free no-deposit bonus.  I know this is going to sound like it could be an advert for 888, but I am not affiliated to any casinos, I don't put adverts on this site at all, it is just my experiences and opinions.  I would whole-heartedly recommend the 888 casino, especially the live dealer aspect of it, this is where I put all my bets on Blackjack and you can see the deals being done before your eyes and the cards are shuffled in front of you.  There is no way they can really rig it, so if you are a disciplined player with a good betting brain then you should be able to at least break even at this casino.

You will also have a lot of fun while you are there, I found 888 live casino to be the most social of all the casinos, the most chat with the dealers and also others in the room getting involved in chats and talking about the games and strategy.  This is probably the closest you are currently going to get to a 'real life' experience online, except I must say when I go to my local casino I find the quality of girls a lot lower than 888 Live Casino!!

The best deposit methods for online casinos

Best Online Casino Payment Methods

There are many different payment methods you can use to make a deposit or withdraw funds from your online casino betting accounts.  Most reputable online casino operators will offer a variety of methods for you to use, be careful for any extra fees, for example some operators charge a small fee for using a credit card.

Debit card is probably the most reliable method to use for online casino payments and withdrawals, this will come directly from your bank account so is less likely to fail.  Payments are usually instant, though when making a withdrawal this method can be one of the slower methods, typically taking a 1-2 days longer than online wallets.

Moneybookers (now known as Skrill) is a popular online wallet system, you can add funds to this from your bank account and then make payments.  This is similar to Paypal and is taken by pretty much all the online casinos we have tried, it is taken more often than Paypal as Skrill have aligned themselves more closely with the online gaming sector.  Skrill payments tend to be very quick and we have known the transfers to be almost instant.

Paypal is the tried and trusted online payments provider, most people have a Paypal account if they have done anything on eBay. The upside of Paypal is that it is a very large company and so you know your money is going to most likely be very secure.  the downside is that not all operators offer this option due to the fees the operator incurs, however this is changing recently and we have noticed more gaming companies offering this option due to customer demand.

Credit card is a method that you can use to put money in your gaming account, however there has been some legislation to try to limit this sort of activity to try and curb irresponsible gambling, for example running up debts.  Therefore you may find yourself having to go through a few verification processes which may hold up the deposit/withdrawal processes and in general we do not recommend this method as it can cause more delays than it's worth.

Neteller is another online wallet provider, in the same vein as Paypal and Skrill.  We have used this account without any trouble and most online casino operators offer this method of payment and withdrawal.

Wire/Bank transfer is a final option, this is usually offered for larger payment amounts and can take 7-10 days for a withdrawal to be processed by the bank and casino company.

We mainly recommend that if you are planning to play at online casinos then you should definitely get one or two online wallet accounts such as Paypal and Skrill and put some funds into these from your bank account.  This way you are not giving your card details to lots of different companies and will benefit from the very fast transfer times of these accounts compared to traditional banks.

The advantages of gambling on Live Casino

Advantages of live casino dealers

More and more online casinos are now offering a 'Live Casino' option for their customers.  This development has come about as people got bored of stale and lonely computer-type games - people are now demanding a more real-life casino feel and the Live Casino provides exactly this.

The Live dealers are usually attractive young ladies and the whole setup gives the user the feeling that they are actually in a real-life casino room.  The dealer can talk to the players and the players can talk back using a chat box type facility, giving good interaction between player and dealer and enabling a sense of real-life involvement for the online casino player.

There are also many advantages to the player in terms of trust.  In a 'computer game' casino scenario, there is always the chance that the game could be rigged and that the player can have little chance of winning in the long-term.  With live dealers, all the same rules as a standard casino apply.  You can see the cards being loaded into the machine, the dealer has to regularly change decks and burn cards and there is overall a feeling that these games are fairer to the players than the computer game rooms.  I have certainly been a lot more successful playing the 'live' games in terms of winning, especially on Blackjack.

When chatting to the live dealers, I found that a lot of these live dealers in the European casinos are from Latvia.  It seems that a lot of the bookmakers and online casinos in Europe are sharing the same 'Live dealers' provider, so whether you go through Coral, Betfred or a few others, you can end up in the same live rooms with the same dealers.  This is not a problem as I have always found these rooms very professional and fair.

The games available are typically Live Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Poker, with a wide selection of rooms and dealers to match your staking requirements and tastes.  One company I particularly recommend is Coral, who offer a £10 free bonus for all new casino players, with no deposit required.

One thing I do like in the live casino rooms is that you can also tip the dealer, so if you have a good win or have a nice chat with one of the dealers then you can reward them with a nice tip.  This is a nice touch and adds to the personal feel of the live rooms compared with traditional online casinos.

I feel that the future of online casinos will be in these live rooms, customers are wanting more and more real-life interaction online, the days of playing against a computer will soon be gone.  Maybe players will soon be able to see each other on webcams and socialise while playing the games?  We now live in the facebook and Twitter-era, so who knows where the future of online casino will go, but whatever happens it certainly will be more interactive.

Welcome to Cash Casino Hall

Cash Casino Hall Welcome

Welcome to Cash Casino Hall, a new blog about Online Casinos.  The blog will be an outlet for my experiences of online casinos, including whether I win or lose and which companies I like and which ones I don't like.

This will be a record of good/bad experiences, I have already had a load which I can and will write about in the next few months.  if you would like to contribute any articles to the site then please contact me using the contact form and I will get back to you as I am open to anyone writing for the site if they have good knowledge.

I am a very keen player of card games, inlcuding poker and blackjack so I will try and provide some hints and tips on playing these games at online casinos.  Thanks for reading this and look forward to more posts coming soon!