The advantages of gambling on Live Casino

Advantages of live casino dealers

More and more online casinos are now offering a 'Live Casino' option for their customers.  This development has come about as people got bored of stale and lonely computer-type games - people are now demanding a more real-life casino feel and the Live Casino provides exactly this.

The Live dealers are usually attractive young ladies and the whole setup gives the user the feeling that they are actually in a real-life casino room.  The dealer can talk to the players and the players can talk back using a chat box type facility, giving good interaction between player and dealer and enabling a sense of real-life involvement for the online casino player.

There are also many advantages to the player in terms of trust.  In a 'computer game' casino scenario, there is always the chance that the game could be rigged and that the player can have little chance of winning in the long-term.  With live dealers, all the same rules as a standard casino apply.  You can see the cards being loaded into the machine, the dealer has to regularly change decks and burn cards and there is overall a feeling that these games are fairer to the players than the computer game rooms.  I have certainly been a lot more successful playing the 'live' games in terms of winning, especially on Blackjack.

When chatting to the live dealers, I found that a lot of these live dealers in the European casinos are from Latvia.  It seems that a lot of the bookmakers and online casinos in Europe are sharing the same 'Live dealers' provider, so whether you go through Coral, Betfred or a few others, you can end up in the same live rooms with the same dealers.  This is not a problem as I have always found these rooms very professional and fair.

The games available are typically Live Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Poker, with a wide selection of rooms and dealers to match your staking requirements and tastes.  One company I particularly recommend is Coral, who offer a £10 free bonus for all new casino players, with no deposit required.

One thing I do like in the live casino rooms is that you can also tip the dealer, so if you have a good win or have a nice chat with one of the dealers then you can reward them with a nice tip.  This is a nice touch and adds to the personal feel of the live rooms compared with traditional online casinos.

I feel that the future of online casinos will be in these live rooms, customers are wanting more and more real-life interaction online, the days of playing against a computer will soon be gone.  Maybe players will soon be able to see each other on webcams and socialise while playing the games?  We now live in the facebook and Twitter-era, so who knows where the future of online casino will go, but whatever happens it certainly will be more interactive.

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