The best deposit methods for online casinos

Best Online Casino Payment Methods

There are many different payment methods you can use to make a deposit or withdraw funds from your online casino betting accounts.  Most reputable online casino operators will offer a variety of methods for you to use, be careful for any extra fees, for example some operators charge a small fee for using a credit card.

Debit card is probably the most reliable method to use for online casino payments and withdrawals, this will come directly from your bank account so is less likely to fail.  Payments are usually instant, though when making a withdrawal this method can be one of the slower methods, typically taking a 1-2 days longer than online wallets.

Moneybookers (now known as Skrill) is a popular online wallet system, you can add funds to this from your bank account and then make payments.  This is similar to Paypal and is taken by pretty much all the online casinos we have tried, it is taken more often than Paypal as Skrill have aligned themselves more closely with the online gaming sector.  Skrill payments tend to be very quick and we have known the transfers to be almost instant.

Paypal is the tried and trusted online payments provider, most people have a Paypal account if they have done anything on eBay. The upside of Paypal is that it is a very large company and so you know your money is going to most likely be very secure.  the downside is that not all operators offer this option due to the fees the operator incurs, however this is changing recently and we have noticed more gaming companies offering this option due to customer demand.

Credit card is a method that you can use to put money in your gaming account, however there has been some legislation to try to limit this sort of activity to try and curb irresponsible gambling, for example running up debts.  Therefore you may find yourself having to go through a few verification processes which may hold up the deposit/withdrawal processes and in general we do not recommend this method as it can cause more delays than it's worth.

Neteller is another online wallet provider, in the same vein as Paypal and Skrill.  We have used this account without any trouble and most online casino operators offer this method of payment and withdrawal.

Wire/Bank transfer is a final option, this is usually offered for larger payment amounts and can take 7-10 days for a withdrawal to be processed by the bank and casino company.

We mainly recommend that if you are planning to play at online casinos then you should definitely get one or two online wallet accounts such as Paypal and Skrill and put some funds into these from your bank account.  This way you are not giving your card details to lots of different companies and will benefit from the very fast transfer times of these accounts compared to traditional banks.

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