888 Live Casino Review

888 Live Casino review and Dealers

I joined 888 Casino using a free no deposit offer I found on the freebetoffers.net website and you receive £88 free in your account straight away.  This allows you to sample a number of the casino games there until you have bet through your £88 free play.  At this point you can take a maximum of £20 from your winnings and convert it to real money to play in the casino.

So with this £20 I went straight for the live dealer rooms and started to play some Blackjack games.  As an experienced Blackjack player I know I can usually do quite well at this, especially when using basic strategy alongside a good staking plan.

I found the dealers here to be THE BEST live dealers of any online casino.  The girls are the most attractive - genuine beauties from Latvia, some of them look like supermodels and they are also really chatty compared to some of the other online casinos I've played in.  The games are quick, the dealers deal cards fast, whereas when I tried Betfair casino for example, I found the whole game slow and the dealers robotic when I tried to chat.

So after a few months and a bit of luck I found myself in a position where I had actually made £2000 from this original £20 free bonus.  I tried to withdraw some and you have to at least deposit some genuine funds before you are allowed to withdraw anything.  So I put in £20 of my own money and entered my card details etc.  I was a little worried at this stage thinking maybe 888 wouldn't honour the £2000, but my worries were unfounded, in the next few weeks I gradually withdrew the £2000 and had no problems whatsoever getting the money into my bank account.

So basically I made £2000 from a free no-deposit bonus.  I know this is going to sound like it could be an advert for 888, but I am not affiliated to any casinos, I don't put adverts on this site at all, it is just my experiences and opinions.  I would whole-heartedly recommend the 888 casino, especially the live dealer aspect of it, this is where I put all my bets on Blackjack and you can see the deals being done before your eyes and the cards are shuffled in front of you.  There is no way they can really rig it, so if you are a disciplined player with a good betting brain then you should be able to at least break even at this casino.

You will also have a lot of fun while you are there, I found 888 live casino to be the most social of all the casinos, the most chat with the dealers and also others in the room getting involved in chats and talking about the games and strategy.  This is probably the closest you are currently going to get to a 'real life' experience online, except I must say when I go to my local casino I find the quality of girls a lot lower than 888 Live Casino!!

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